Why Do I Need RV Insurance?


Getting insurance for your motor home can get tricky, with numerous Oviedo, FL residents torn between getting home or car coverage. Unfortunately, none of the mentioned policies will cover your RV, with the ideal solution being RV insurance. This coverage will be essential in helping you get the proper protection safeguards, keeping you safe from legal problems. Below, The Wurzel Agency discusses why motor homeowners need RV insurance.

It Is a State-Requirement

Just like numerous types of insurance, RV insurance is mandatory, with owners expected to carry the state’s minimum liability requirements. This means getting coverage for 3rd party bodily harm and property damage liability. If you get into an accident, RV insurance ensures you get the proper compensation to offset other parties’ costs of medical expenses and property damage that you are liable for.

Helps You Cover Your Property Damage Costs

While RV insurance is a state-issued requirement, some RV owners will still opt out of purchasing their coverage, leaving you with out-of-pocket expenses when your motor home is damaged. RV insurance will help you pay for your RV repairs or replacement costs if you are involved in such a scenario. It will also be beneficial when your RV is damaged by disasters such as fire and hail, helping you fix your motor home.

Pays For Your Injuries

If you are involved in an accident, you are likely to get bodily injuries requiring medical attention. RV insurance kicks in to pay for your medical fees. These can be consulting expenses or X-ray check-up fees. Your passengers are also covered by RV insurance, allowing you to limit any additional costs.

Covers Emergency Roadside Services

No matter how prepared you are, emergencies such as breakdowns are likely to happen, leaving you stranded on the road. Fortunately, RV insurance can help with this, helping you cover your roadside assistance costs.

If you have recently purchased your motor home and are looking for RV insurance with the above benefits, consider reaching out to The Wurzel Agency today. We provide coverage to residents within Oviedo, FL to keep you protected during your travels.

What Is Covered Under Motorcycle Insurance in Oviedo, FL

The Florida sun is perfect for weekend getaways and enjoying the open road. Florida’s abundant sunshine is also a recipe for taking the motorcycle out and about to enjoy the weather.  Before you do, you should consider what your options are and what’s covered under motorcycle insurance in Oviedo, FL. To get an accurate picture of motorcycle insurance, we must first look at Florida law in relation to motorcyclists.

Florida is one of a few states that doesn’t require a helmet to ride a motorcycle.  If you choose to ride helmetless, you ARE required under Florida law to have motorcycle insurance.  Riders who choose to wear a helmet while on the road are not required to carry insurance.  Motorcycle insurance in Oviedo FL is at-fault insurance, meaning that the driver at fault in an accident is required to foot the bill for damages and personal injury which is handled by your insurance provider.

Under Florida law, minimum coverages under motorcycle insurance include $10,000 in injury liability coverage per person, $10,000 in property damage insurance, $10,000 in medical payments coverage, and $20,000 in injury liability per accident.  There are other policies that you can get in addition to your regular motorcycle insurance to offer you extra protection.  Collision insurance will pay for damages to your motorcycle in case of an accident regardless of who was at fault.  If another driver hits you and they either don’t have insurance or don’t have enough to pay for your damages, uninsured motorist coverage will save you under these circumstances.  

Florida is known for tropical weather and with this type of weather, you can be susceptible to severe storms and hurricanes.  These types of weather conditions can damage your motorcycle and if you have Comprehensive coverage, these types of damages can be covered.  Another type of addition you can get is Gap Insurance which will cover the remainder of what you owe on your motorcycle in case of a total loss accident.  You can purchase all of these coverages and more at The Wurzel Agency in Oviedo, FL. Contact The Wurzel Agency today to find out more about Motorcycle Insurance and what your options are.

No Matter the Boat, You Need Boating Insurance

Whether you plan to use your boat for sailing, fishing, or cruising in Oviedo, FL, you need to think about purchasing boat insurance from The Wurzel Agency. Since you cherish your boat, investing in boat insurance is worth every penny. The right boat insurance plan keeps you floating in the waters, stress-free. 

What vessels require boat insurance?

It’s not uncommon to hear most boaters say they don’t require boat insurance since they have a boat insurance policy. While it’s true homeowner’s insurance protects your boat, the protection is limited. Home insurance protects your boat up to about $1,500, which is too little. 

As such, you need boat insurance if you have the below water vessels:

  • Fishing boat
  • Houseboat
  • Performance boat
  • Sailing boat
  • Jet Ski
  • Yacht

Since it has cost you blood, sweat, and soul to buy your boat, watercraft insurance is a must-have investment to protect your asset when perils like theft, fire, accidents, falling objects, and others strike. 

Why do I need boat insurance, yet it’s not mandatory? 

Although boat insurance isn’t mandatory in Florida, you still need it. Think of it this way, is health insurance compulsory? No. Do you need it? Yes. The same is true for boat insurance. Boat insurance can save the day when you least expect it. 

Investing in boat insurance protects you in the following areas:

  • Liability protection: Boat insurance covers bodily injury and property damage you cause to others.
  • Protects your boat: Boat insurance pays for repairs or replacement of your boat when physically damaged. 
  • Medical payments: Watercraft insurance covers medical costs for you and your passengers when involved in an accident. 
  • Fuel spill liability protection: Boat insurance covers you when involved in a boat accident, and fuel or oil spillage occurs.

If you are in Oviedo, FL and its surroundings, don’t hesitate to contact The Wurzel Agency for an affordable quote. 

How Does Condo Insurance Work?

Most condo owners in Oviedo, FL, would like to protect their homes against various risks but are unsure how condo insurance works. A policy seeker may be wondering where to start, especially if it is the first time purchasing condo insurance. To help you with this challenge, The Wurzel Agency explains how different condo coverages work.

Building Property Coverage

This type of coverage offers protection to your condo’s interior against risks like theft, fire, and vandalism. Some of the items protected include fixtures like the interior walls, cabinets, sinks, and floors. If any of the covered risks affect the interior of your condo, the insurance company helps pay for the replacement or repair costs of those items.

Content Coverage

When perils like thefts, fire, and storms damage your property, contents coverage helps take care of the repair or replacement costs. Some of the items covered under this policy include electronics, clothes, and furniture.

Liability Coverage

When a guest gets injured at your condo or their property gets damaged, they may choose to sue you. This type of coverage helps cover legal fees, medical bills, and repair or replacement costs resulting from damages caused.

Loss of Use Coverage

If you can no longer stay in your condo due to damages caused by a covered peril, loss of use coverage can compensate you for the additional living expenses. This includes the cost of temporary accommodation, your meals and transport costs.

Loss Assessment Coverage

Condo owners also need to understand what is covered by their condo association’s insurance policy, which may be referred to as a master policy. A master policy covers common areas like the roof and the boiler room. If any of those areas are damaged, this policy helps cover the repair or replacement cost.

If you are interested in buying condo insurance in Oviedo, FL to protect your investment, reach out to The Wurzel Agency today. Our agents are ready to take you through various coverage options and help you choose the right policy.

Interesting Facts About Umbrella Insurance

Protecting your valuables is among the things that come first in your life. It is the only trusted way to ensure peace of mind. Among the different options available in the market, umbrella insurance carries significant weight. If you live around Oviedo, FL, you must have heard about The Wurzel Agency, leaders in insurance services. Far from other alternatives, the umbrella policy provides coverage for many life situations, as the name umbrella suggests. 

What Are the Basics of An Umbrella Policy?

The policy is extra financial coverage that shines brighter after you have exhausted all your keynote limits. One advantage it features is that it secures additional situations that other insurances tend to lockout. Understanding its limits and extents is can be rewarding to a client. 

The primary intention of umbrella insurance is to offer extended protection to your finances, assets, savings, and other valuables. It covers you from extreme court rulings and hefty liabilities claims. Among situations that the policy covers, they include.

  • When you cause a road accident hitting someone’s car when your dog injures another person 
  • If a guest sustains injuries while in your home
  • The policy safeguards you from hefty liabilities

Various risks are inevitable, and the umbrella insurance policy is there to protect you whenever the unexpected happens. If a situation forces your primary policy to stretch beyond its limits, the umbrella policy comes to bring a new dawn. Whether it is an accident, an injury, or any other catastrophe, you cannot overlook its benefits.

It Is Highly Affordable

You will appreciate the fair charges that most insurance agencies feature for the umbrella insurance policy. The low fee goes a long way to cover your assets worth millions of dollars. Investing in such an insurance policy is worth every penny.

The Wurzel Agency offers friendly terms for an umbrella policy in Oviedo, FL. Contact us today and schedule a visit to our offices.

Is Hurricane Damage Covered Under Flood Insurance

The Wurzel Agency provides insurance coverage to the Oviedo, FL community, as well as the surrounding areas. We are an independent insurance agency. For over 50 years, we have helped our clients find the policies they need to protect their assets. We look forward to creating long-lasting relationships and providing excellent customer service.

Is Hurricane Damage Covered Under Flood Insurance?

As an Oviedo, FL resident, you are aware of the potential damage that a hurricane or tornado can cause it moves through the area. The aftermath of natural disasters is often flooding. During those times when severe flooding moves through the area, flood insurance will cover your property. The policy covers any damage to the structure of your property, as well as your personal items. You may have to amend your policy to cover excess flooding inside your basement. Read over the terms of your coverage carefully. 

Generally, hurricanes cause extreme wind damage. You may need to look into separate coverage if the shingles are ripped off your roof or if a tree in your yard gets ripped up. However, there are some cases where you may be covered, such as if a hurricane were to blow debris through your home. Flood insurance does cover your property if a hurricane causes sewer backup damage. Ultimately, it’s important that you do some research to see if you are located in a high risk flood zone. If you are located in one of these zones, you may be required to add flood insurance.

The Wurzel Agency Will Help You Find The Coverage You Need

Visit our website to learn more information about flood insurance.  

Protect Yourself with Adequate Auto Insurance

Did you know one of seven drivers on the road does not have auto insurance? Some people can’t afford it, while others failed to pay their bills. While this may seem like a “not your problem situation,” you are responsible for the costs if you are in an accident with one of these uninsured drivers.

This is one reason have adequate insurance. If you need to purchase insurance in Oviedo, FL, you can start by speaking to The Wurzel Agency professionals. Keep reading to learn more about the importance of this coverage.

Protect Yourself

One of the most important reasons to have auto insurance is to protect yourself. If you are in an accident that is your fault, your insurance will cover the other drivers involved and for your injuries or damages. If the accident is not your fault, but the at-fault party does not have insurance, your coverage will kick in and cover your damages and injuries too. Without this coverage, you will have to cover these costs out of pocket, which may be thousands of dollars or more.

Protect Others

Along with protecting yourself, proper auto insurance coverage can protect others, too. With the right insurance policy, you will be able to cover any injuries or damages that you cause. Again, this is beneficial since you may have to pay out of your own pocket if you don’t have adequate coverage.

Purchasing auto insurance can be confusing. However, if you live in or around the Oviedo, FL, area, you can speak to knowledgeable professionals from The Wurzel Agency to help you find and purchase the coverage you want and need. Also, the professionals here will help ensure you get adequate coverage to ensure you are fully protected in any situation you find yourself in while on the road.

How to Choose the Right Coverage Amount for Commercial Insurance

The type of insurance coverage and the premium you pay depend on several factors. You need to consider the type of business you run, the location, claims history, and the number of employees.

But even after determining these factors, you’re still left wondering the precise type of coverage you need and the amount of money you’ll pay. To understand commercial insurance and the coverage amounts in Oviedo, FL, The Wurzel Agency is here to help. Read on.

What is the Right Coverage Amount?

Commercial insurance aims at protecting a business from financial loss due to liabilities.   

The truth is that every business has unique challenges. There’s no particular figure that a company has to pay for commercial insurance. However, every business needs to protect itself from losses resulting from different risks. Bodily injuries and property damage are common challenges for businesses in Oviedo FL. Such challenges can sink a business if not properly addressed.

One mistake that business owners make is to compare their coverage amounts to the widespread averages on the internet. This is wrong! Your coverage should be customized to your needs. You might be surprised to get lower-than-average premiums. 

Some common coverages for businesses include:

General liability insurance: It protects the business from liabilities of bodily injuries and property damage. If a customer is injured on your premises, this is the cover to protect your business. 

Commercial property insurance: You need to protect your premises structure and the business equipment always with this coverage.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance: If you’ve several employees, then workers’ compensation is a must-have. You need to protect your business and employees. Any employee injured in the line of duty should be fairly compensated by this coverage. 

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The Wurzel Agency makes it easy to determine the right cost of coverage. You get to pay an amount that fits the limits of your coverage. Contact our Oviedo, FL agents to get the right coverage at the right amount.

Things that home insurance doesn’t cover

Home insurance protects your home from some of the hazards of life. It protects from fire, strong winds, vandalism, and theft. The liability coverage protects you from legal action that may happen as the result of an injury to someone who is visiting your home. You may feel confident that you are completely protected with your home insurance but you would be incorrect. All home insurance policies have exclusion and you may be in for an unpleasant surprise if you are not aware of the things your policy doesn’t cover.  At The Wurzel Agency in Oviedo, FL, we try to make sure that all of our customers know exactly what their policy covers and more importantly what it doesn’t cover. 


Even though floods are one of the most devastating natural disasters, home insurance does not cover flooding that originates outside your home. If a pipe inside your house burst that is a different kind of flooding. If you live in an area where flooding is a potential danger you can get flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program. 


If you live in an area that is prone to hurricane damage make sure that you have hurricane coverage. It usually has a different deductible than the rest of your policy and has its own specific limits. Read your policy carefully to avoid misunderstanding. 

Termite damage

If your home suffers from termite damage, the damage will not be covered by home insurance. It is the expectation of the insurance company that you will maintain your home and getting your home treated for things like termites is part of that maintenance.

Earth movement

Earthquakes, mudslides, and sinkholes are all types of earth movement that are not covered by typical home insurance. You can however by a rider or separate policy to cover them. 

Contact The Wurzel Agency in Oviedo, FL for all your insurance needs. 

Benefits of Renters Insurance

If you are a renter in Florida, the owner of the property in which you live is required to have insurance on the actual dwelling. Your landlord’s property insurance does not cover your personal belongings and other items you have purchased though. In other words, if there is a fire and you lose your clothing, household items, furniture, and appliances that you have purchased, your landlord’s insurance will not pay to replace those items. You will need to obtain renters insurance that will cover those items and more. The insurance agents at the Wurzel Agency in Oviedo, FL have years of experience in dealing with renters insurance and can assist you in obtaining the proper policy for you and your situation.

Coverage Options of Renters Insurance

Personal Property Insurance

There are many coverage options when it comes to renters insurance, including personal property insurance. Personal property insurance will replace your personal belongings if they are damaged or destroyed in some type of events, such as a fire, natural disaster, or vandalism. This part of your policy will also cover your items if your residence is broken into and your items are stolen.

Liability Protection

Liability protection can be offered through your renter’s insurance policy which means if someone becomes injured while they’re visiting you, this part of your policy will pay their medical bills for any injuries they sustain and lost wages due to time off work while they are recuperating from their injuries. This is an important policy to have so that if the person decides to sue you, you are covered.

Get a Quote Today

Renters insurance is one of the least expensive insurance policies you can obtain but the peace of mind it provides is priceless. To get your policy started, contact the agents at the Wurzel Agency in Oviedo, FL, and get the protection you deserve!