The Importance of Taking a Motorcycle Safety Class

If you own a motorcycle, safety should always be one of your highest priorities. Whether you have ridden for one month or 30 years, it’s crucial to stay up to date on all of the motorcycle laws in Florida and also learn about new safety maneuvers that are being introduced. Agents at The Wurzel Agency serve motorcycle owners throughout the Oviedo, FL area, as well as many of the surrounding communities. We can also help you find details about where motorcycle safety classes that are being held in your area. 

Better Understand Motorcycle Laws

A motorcycle safety class will give you valuable information on the laws that are in place in the state of Florida. In Florida, you do not have to wear a helmet if you are over the age of 21 and have the required amount of medical insurance. With that being said, it is vital that you know the laws of the road and abide by them to minimize your risk of an accident.

Learn How to Handle Your Motorcycle Safely

The purpose of a motorcycle safety class is to teach you how to ride safely in a variety of situations. You will learn various maneuvers and techniques that are designed to keep you and your passenger as safe as possible while you are riding along Florida’s highways.

If you are interested in learning more about motorcycle insurance and motorcycle safety classes, call and schedule an appointment with one of the agents at The Wurzel Agency. We serve people from Orlando to Oviedo, FL, and many of the surrounding communities and are ready to give you the answers you need. Call and talk to an agent today!

You Can’t Afford to Not Have Professional Liability Insurance

At some point, most businesses are involved in some legal dispute, be it over an alleged physical or property damage to a third party or financial injury to a competitor, client, or vendor.

As a business owner, it’s crucial to have insurance in case you are targeted to help pay for legal costs and any settlements or judgments. The type of liability your business could face will depend on the kind of work you do.

If you’re in a service trade, the chances of your work causing someone physical damage or harm are remote, but you could still be sued for not living up to your part of a contract or if your services caused a client to lose money.

The costs of defending against a lawsuit of that type could quickly mount, even if you come out victorious in the end. Without the appropriate insurance, you’ll be paying these costs out of pocket.

In many services trades, the outcome can be disastrous to your finances. Lawsuits often catch you by surprise — they could even be for work you completed years ago.

The unfunded lawsuit

Here’s a scenario that could leave you scrambling for funds. You run an engineering firm. And a manufacturer sues your business after one of the machine parts that you designed failed, causing one of the client’s machines to seize up, resulting in $58,000 in damage to the device and production downtime.

The lawsuit accuses your firm of negligence. Your business could be facing severe financial hardship as the suit asks for the cost of repairs and the lost production. Here’s what you’re looking at:

  • Attorneys’ fees. Depending on where you live, these can range from $150 to $400 an hour, or more if you go with a topflight law firm.
  • Court expenses. Fees for copying, filing, and other miscellaneous tasks all add up.
  • Other legal fees. You may need to call expert witnesses, as well.
  • Damages or settlements. Even if you try to reach an agreement with your client, they may opt to take the case to trial in hopes of winning the full amount of the damages they are claiming.

You can see how the costs can quickly mount. It the case gets to damage or settlement stage, the costs will increase significantly.

Even if the case were frivolous, you’d still have to pay attorneys to defend it and file motions to have it tossed out of court. That alone could run you at least $5,000 in legal fees — much money to pay out of pocket.

The U.S. Small Business Administration estimated in a recent study that legal costs for litigation ranged from $3,000 to $150,000, and only one-third of small business owners reported spending less than $10,000. 

There can be other fallout, as well. Perhaps word has gotten out about the lawsuit, damaging your reputation and ability to attract new clients and retaining existing ones. If one client has sued, others who may have had similar experiences could also file suit.

Professional liability insurance

Insurance can save you from these significant expenses. This relatively inexpensive coverage is what’s known as “claims-made” coverage, meaning your policy must be active when the alleged incident occurred and when the claim is filed to receive your benefits.

Client allegations that your work caused them a professional liability policy often covers a financial loss. Professional liability insurance can include errors and oversights with your work, as well as legal fees and the cost of settlements or judgments.

Is your business covered?

This New Year, Resolve to Review Your Insurance

The New Year is the perfect time to set goals and dream big. It’s also the ideal time to revisit your insurance policies and make sure you’re not leaving anything to chance. 

Did you acquire a new property, upgrade your home, or buy new stuff last year? You may have more at risk than you realize. 

But by taking a little time, you can make sure you’re adequately protected and that you won’t have any unpleasant surprises should you have to file an insurance claim this year. Here’s what we recommend: 

Talk to us!

Give our office a call or schedule an appointment to discuss your current coverage. We know the right questions to ask to evaluate whether anything has changed that may affect your liability risk, or whether you are under- or over-insured. 

We want to help you identify new risks and find out if any impending changes will affect your insurance needs during the rest of the year.

Revisit your policies.

Yes, reading insurance policies doesn’t sound like much fun, but waiting to go through them until you actually need to file a claim will only add to your stress. Re-familiarizing yourself with the details of your policies can save you from headaches later.

Here are some items you may want to check:

  • The size of your deductibles. Perhaps you’d like to save money on your monthly premiums, which can be done by increasing the size of your deductible. Or, you may want to have a lower deductible in exchange for a higher premium.
  • Does your auto policy include towing or the cost of a loaned car if your vehicle needs repairs after an accident? If your policy is lacking these and you feel you need this coverage, you can talk to us about adding it.
  • Does your policy pay the actual cash value (what property is worth after depreciation) or actual replacement cost for property damaged by a fire or other covered event?

Do you need additional or other types of insurance?

There has been an increase in the number of natural disasters occurring worldwide. The costs of damage caused by floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, and wildfires are also on the rise.

If you’re concerned about possible flooding, you may need to purchase additional coverage — and we can help you assess that need. 

Check your homeowner or renter’s policy

You may not have contacted us after buying expensive jewelry, antique furniture, or a new TV, but it’s certainly worth the call to confirm that these items are insured.

This could also be an excellent time to consider updating your home inventory, so you have accurate coverage for your belongings and a specific list of items like works of art, collectibles (stamps, automobiles, firearms, paintings, and related), jewelry, and antiques. Please take photos of your valuables in each room and save them to your cloud for easy access in case of a loss.

Although your homeowner or renter policy protects valuables against a covered loss or theft, coverage is only provided up to a specific limit. When you make a substantial purchase, it’s essential to review your policy and possibly increase your limits and coverage.

Also, if you got a new pet for Christmas, that could affect your coverage, so it’s essential to contact us and make any adjustments necessary to keep your policy up to date.

Have you done any home remodeling or added a deck or a pool? The value of your home may have increased, and you’ll need to make sure your policy covers the added value.

You may also qualify for homeowner’s insurance discounts. Even small things such as adding a burglar alarm or a sprinkler system can earn you a discount.