Enjoy More Peace of Mind With an Umbrella Insurance Policy

Having good insurance matters, especially when it comes to making sure protection levels are adequate. You want to know that the coverage you have is thorough, and that it’s the right type and level of coverage for your needs. If you’re in the Oviedo, FL area and you’re looking for umbrella insurance coverage, we can help at The Wurzel Agency. Our agents are committed to finding you the right policy for your needs, so you can have peace of mind and know that the things you value are properly protected. We’re here to help you, and will be happy to answer your questions, as well.

Umbrella policies are designed to cover any claims made that exceed the limits of the policies you have in specific areas of life. That’s just like an umbrella covering you from the rain, and making sure you have an additional layer of protection beyond your coat or hat. In the same way, umbrella policies for insurance coverage give additional protective layers to your policy limits. You’ll not only have more peace of mind, but you’ll have more security and can feel better about taking care of the things you own. You don’t have to be wealthy to need or want this kind of coverage. It can be a great idea for anyone who wants added protection for their assets.

Reach out to us today at The Wurzel Agency, and let us answer your questions about umbrella insurance. We want all our clients in the Oviedo, FL agency to have the policies they need for safety and security. You can be one of them when you come to talk to our knowledgeable agents about the help and support you’re looking for to protect your possessions. There’s no reason to feel like you need more coverage when you can get it from us and not need to worry anymore.

A Few Tips for the College-Bound

College is expensive enough without the added cost of unexpected accidents or theft not covered by your insurance policy. If you have a student heading away to school, below are a few tips to help you get the most out of your coverage.

HOMEOWNERS (varies by state)

  • Personal Property:  Most homeowner’s policies will cover personal property for up to 10% of your total policy while your child is residing at school (a $100,000 policy equals $10,000 in coverage). Not all types of damage are covered, so read your policy carefully. Some items such as jewelry or expensive electronics require special coverage. Renters insurance is strongly recommended.
  • Liability Coverage: General damage to a dorm room or apartment is not usually covered.  
  • Documentation: Creating an inventory of the items your child is taking to school is a good idea. Use photographs and keep receipts.

AUTO (varies by state)

  • Car Stays Home: Keep your child listed on your auto policy if they will still drive your car while at home on school breaks.
  • Car at School: Make sure to notify us if your child will be taking a car away to school. In most cases, if the car is registered to you and listed on your policy, it will be covered.  
  • Driving a Friend’s Car: Students are generally covered if they are listed on their parent’s policy and are not regularly using the vehicle. The coverage would be secondary. The insurance for the friend’s vehicle would be the primary coverage.
  • Discounts: A full-time student meeting certain academic requirements can qualify for a good student discount. Distant student discounts may also be available. Drivers under 21 who have completed driver’s education may also get a discount.

Before your child leaves for school, give us a call. We can walk you through the steps to ensure you have the right coverage. We’re here to help!