3 Benefits of Supplementing the RV Insurance When You Rent a Motorhome

Normally when you rent an RV you have the option to purchase additional insurance over and above what is already included in your rental package. Choosing to purchase additional insurance is actually a good idea for several reasons. Whether you choose to purchase it from the rental company or from your own insurance company, it’s worth looking into. The agents of  The Wurzel Agency serve residents living in the Oviedo, FL area and have answers to many of your questions. 

Added Layer of Protection

Buying additional RV insurance when you rent a motorhome for your vacation will provide you with an added layer of protection if you are involved in an accident or someone is injured while visiting you. The insurance you purchase from the rental company normally only covers the motorhome and any damage it may receive while it’s in your possession. Extra insurance will add liability coverage as well.

Covers Your Personal Belongings

Buying additional insurance will also provide coverage for your personal belongings. This is especially beneficial if you have expensive cameras or other equipment you bring with you while you are on vacation. While it’s important to always keep your RV locked, accidents do happen and sometimes items are stolen. Having additional protection will make sure you are adequately covered.

Relax and Enjoy Your Trip!

Knowing you have sufficient insurance coverage will allow you to relax and enjoy your trip. The last thing you need is to worry about whether or not you have sufficient insurance coverage.

The agents at The Wurzel Agency serve residents who live in or near the Oviedo, FL area. When you have questions about RV insurance, call and schedule an appointment. They have the answers you are looking for and will make sure you are adequately covered!