5 Tips for Motorcycle Driving Safety

Oviedo FL has the perfect weather for motorcycle riding. However, there is danger lurking on the streets if you don’t use caution when riding your motorcycle. At The Wurzel Agency, we have put together five tips that will help keep you safe on the Oviedo, FL streets and highways. 

1. Drive Defensively

As a motorcycle rider, you’re exposed and vulnerable to other drivers. Sometimes they can’t see you and you always have to keep this in mind. In fact, almost two-thirds of motorcycle accidents occur because a driver violated the right of way, typically by not noticing the motorcyclist. 

2. Wear a Helmet and Other Gear

Even if you’re running to the corner store for a loaf of bread, put your helmet on along with a face shield or protective eyewear. This will help prevent injuries to the face and head if an accident were to occur. Also, wear protective riding gear that will minimize injuries to other areas of your body. 

3. Drive Sober

The last thing you want is to ride your motorcycle impaired. This could be from medication, alcohol, or recreational drugs. The chances of causing severe harm to yourself or others by riding impaired go up exponentially when not riding at peak performance. This includes feeling sleepy. 

4. Follow Traffic Rules

Traffic rules are put in place for a reason. When they’re followed, this results in fewer accidents. Always do the speed limit and recognize that traffic laws change from state-to-state so it’s important to educate yourself before going on a road trip. 

5. Stay up to Date on Riding Safety

Take the time to enroll in a course or two that teaches strategies and techniques you can use to keep your ride safe and free from accidents. Contact your local DMV or community college for more information. 

To learn more about motorcycle safety tips and to purchase an insurance policy for maximum protection, contact The Wurzel Agency today.