The many benefits of a comprehensive renter’s policy


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Benefits of a comprehensive renter’s policy

One of the greatest benefits of having the right renter’s policy is the peace of mind that you gain from knowing that you are protected. Additionally, you will also experience some other more tangible benefits:

  • Coverage when your items are lost, stolen, or damaged due to a covered event.
  • Depending on the policy, you may receive reimbursement for alternative housing if your residence is deemed uninhabitable due to a covered event.
  • Replacement of items stolen outside of your home, depending on your level of coverage.

As you can see, there are different types and levels of benefits from policy to policy. That’s why it’s so important to talk to an agent who understands your needs. What might be right for your best friend may not be the right policy for your own personal needs. Selecting the policy that suits your needs can often feel overwhelming because there are so many different choices. We recommend that your clients take the time to understand all of their options before they make their final decision.

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Which renter’s policy is right for you?

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Benefits of Renters Insurance

If you are a renter in Florida, the owner of the property in which you live is required to have insurance on the actual dwelling. Your landlord’s property insurance does not cover your personal belongings and other items you have purchased though. In other words, if there is a fire and you lose your clothing, household items, furniture, and appliances that you have purchased, your landlord’s insurance will not pay to replace those items. You will need to obtain renters insurance that will cover those items and more. The insurance agents at the Wurzel Agency in Oviedo, FL have years of experience in dealing with renters insurance and can assist you in obtaining the proper policy for you and your situation.

Coverage Options of Renters Insurance

Personal Property Insurance

There are many coverage options when it comes to renters insurance, including personal property insurance. Personal property insurance will replace your personal belongings if they are damaged or destroyed in some type of events, such as a fire, natural disaster, or vandalism. This part of your policy will also cover your items if your residence is broken into and your items are stolen.

Liability Protection

Liability protection can be offered through your renter’s insurance policy which means if someone becomes injured while they’re visiting you, this part of your policy will pay their medical bills for any injuries they sustain and lost wages due to time off work while they are recuperating from their injuries. This is an important policy to have so that if the person decides to sue you, you are covered.

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Renters insurance is one of the least expensive insurance policies you can obtain but the peace of mind it provides is priceless. To get your policy started, contact the agents at the Wurzel Agency in Oviedo, FL, and get the protection you deserve!

Think Renter’s Insurance Is Only for Your Stuff? Think Again!

Clients often think they don’t need renter’s insurance — “Nothing I have is worth that much,” they’ll say, or “I don’t have a lot of stuff.”

That’s how most people think of renter’s coverage: protection for stuff, and nothing more. After all, it’s inexpensive, and it doesn’t even cover the structure itself. So how important can it be, especially if you don’t think you have anything valuable to protect?

Plenty important, because you have more to protect than you realize. Here are three key financial protections a renter’s policy provides:

Loss of use coverage. What would you do if a fire or other issue forced you out of your home? You’d have to find a temporary place to stay, maybe even for months — which might cost you more than your normal rent. “Loss of use” coverage helps pay for that and other additional expenses.

Personal liability protection. If someone trips and injures themselves in your unit, they could sue you. If your dog bites one of your guests, they might file suit, too. Yes, lawsuits happen — even among friends. Renters insurance can help cover legal expenses and even judgments against you. (Some dog breeds may disqualify you from coverage, so be sure to inform your agent of all dogs in the household.)

Personal property coverage. Wait, doesn’t this mean your stuff? Well, yes. But really, this coverage protects your finances. Even if you don’t think you have anything valuable, take a minute and mentally add up everything you own (note that if you do have any high-value items, such as jewelry or heirlooms, you may need additional coverage). Now imagine how much it would cost to replace it all. It’s probably a higher number than you thought — and that’s why renters insurance is so important.

Reposted with permission from the original author, Safeco Insurance®.

Why should I get a renters insurance policy?

Living in a rental property is common for a lot of people in the Orlando or Oviedo, FL area. When you do move into a new apartment or rental home, you need to make sure that you handle all of your responsibilities. Part of this is finding a quality and reliable renters insurance policy. There are several reasons why you should get one of these insurance policies when moving into a new rental unit. 

You Want to Comply with the Lease

The first reason why you should want to get a renters insurance policy is that you will want to comply with the terms of the lease. Having a renters insurance policy is good for the tenant and the landlord. Due to this, it is undoubtedly going to be required at all times. If you do not have it, you could face a variety of issues due to lease defaults.

You Want to Have Coverage

Another reason why you will need to have a renters insurance policy is that you will want to have your property covered at all times. A renters insurance policy gives great coverage including protection for your personal assets and liability. Having this coverage at all times is quite important. Due to this, you should never allow it to lapse. 

When you are in need of a renters insurance policy, you should contact the team at The Wurzel Agency. For those that are in the Orlando or Oviedo, FL area and need a renters insurance policy, The Wurzel Agency can help you understand all of your needs and options. Based on this assessment, we can then help you find a policy that provides you with the right type and level of coverage. Contact our office to get started with a quote.

Are Your Most Valuable Items Covered? 4 Simple Steps to Make Sure

What do holidays, special occasions, and inheritances have in common? If you guessed the acquisition of a new possession, then you’d be right. Before the excitement about your new TV, appliance, jewelry, antique, art, or other valuable item wears off, remember that acquiring new items also increases the monetary value of your home’s contents. Your homeowner’s insurance should be updated to adjust for additions that add significant value. Here are four simple steps for making sure your most valuable items are covered:

Step 1: Take a home inventory.

Go through your home periodically and take note of the most valuable items, as these are the items you’ll want to insure against damage or loss from events like theft or fire. For most, these items usually consist of electronics, jewelry, art, antiques, collectibles, appliances, and rare items. If an item would be hard or impossible for you to replace, then it should be included. Also keep in mind that standard policies usually limit firearm coverage since thieves commonly target them.

Step 2: Get an appraisal.

Some items are more difficult than others to assign value, especially antique or sentimental items. A professional appraisal can be very helpful in finding out the true value of an item. It’s also useful for purposes of estate planning.

Step 3: Document your belongings.

Any item on your home inventory list should be visually documented with photo or video. This will speed up the claim process. Make sure the shots are clear and show the details of the item. It’s also a good idea to get a wide shot of each wall in every room of your home. Upload your photo and video files to an online photo storage site like Google Photos, or store hard copies in a safe deposit box.

Step 4: Review your coverage.

Many homeowners don’t know what’s covered by their homeowner’s insurance until disaster strikes and it’s time to submit a claim. You could find yourself trying to replace expensive items out of your own pocket. Don’t leave yourself in the dark and compound emotional loss with financial loss.

You’ve already done an inventory and appraisal. Now, it’s time to compare the value of the items on your inventory list to your existing coverage. Make sure the coverage is sufficient to compensate you should you suffer a theft or disaster-related loss. Pay close attention to any category that contains exclusions or limits losses to a specific dollar amount.

If you note any discrepancies or have any questions or concerns, schedule a policy review with your insurance agent — remember, we’re here to help!