Do I Need RV Insurance in Florida

Florida is a great place to own an RV. The state has 175 state parks, and 59 offer camping. IT can be the perfect place to get away with your RV. Additionally, there are 3 National Parks, and all of them have camping. Whether or not you need RV insurance in Florida depends on the type of RV you have and whether or not you have a loan on your RV. At the Wurzel Agency in Oviedo, FL, we understand RV insurance and the people who own RVs, and we have the information you need to protect your recreational vehicle.

If you own or rent a Class A or Class B RV, you need to carry the same type of mandated insurance as any other motor vehicle in the state of Florida. Florida law requires 10/20/10 liability coverage. $10,000 for bodily injury person but to a total of $20,000 and $10,000 personal coverage. If you have a loan on your RV, your lender will require liability as well as collision and comprehensive coverage. But no matter what type of RV you have, even if it isn’t required to have insurance, getting insurance for it may be the right thing to do. Collision and comprehensive coverage can help to pay to repair your RV if it is damaged. Collision covers damage from accidents involving other vehicles and comprehensive covers damage from other than collision events. 

You likely spend quite a lot of money on your RV, so protecting it with insurance only makes sense. If you have purchased an RV and are looking for insurance or you are ready to look for a new agent, The Wurzel Agency in Oviedo, FL would love to sit down with you to discuss your RV insurance needs. Give the office a call or stop by and let us give you a no-obligation quote.