Things that home insurance doesn’t cover

Home insurance protects your home from some of the hazards of life. It protects from fire, strong winds, vandalism, and theft. The liability coverage protects you from legal action that may happen as the result of an injury to someone who is visiting your home. You may feel confident that you are completely protected with your home insurance but you would be incorrect. All home insurance policies have exclusion and you may be in for an unpleasant surprise if you are not aware of the things your policy doesn’t cover.  At The Wurzel Agency in Oviedo, FL, we try to make sure that all of our customers know exactly what their policy covers and more importantly what it doesn’t cover. 


Even though floods are one of the most devastating natural disasters, home insurance does not cover flooding that originates outside your home. If a pipe inside your house burst that is a different kind of flooding. If you live in an area where flooding is a potential danger you can get flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program. 


If you live in an area that is prone to hurricane damage make sure that you have hurricane coverage. It usually has a different deductible than the rest of your policy and has its own specific limits. Read your policy carefully to avoid misunderstanding. 

Termite damage

If your home suffers from termite damage, the damage will not be covered by home insurance. It is the expectation of the insurance company that you will maintain your home and getting your home treated for things like termites is part of that maintenance.

Earth movement

Earthquakes, mudslides, and sinkholes are all types of earth movement that are not covered by typical home insurance. You can however by a rider or separate policy to cover them. 

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Benefits of Renters Insurance

If you are a renter in Florida, the owner of the property in which you live is required to have insurance on the actual dwelling. Your landlord’s property insurance does not cover your personal belongings and other items you have purchased though. In other words, if there is a fire and you lose your clothing, household items, furniture, and appliances that you have purchased, your landlord’s insurance will not pay to replace those items. You will need to obtain renters insurance that will cover those items and more. The insurance agents at the Wurzel Agency in Oviedo, FL have years of experience in dealing with renters insurance and can assist you in obtaining the proper policy for you and your situation.

Coverage Options of Renters Insurance

Personal Property Insurance

There are many coverage options when it comes to renters insurance, including personal property insurance. Personal property insurance will replace your personal belongings if they are damaged or destroyed in some type of events, such as a fire, natural disaster, or vandalism. This part of your policy will also cover your items if your residence is broken into and your items are stolen.

Liability Protection

Liability protection can be offered through your renter’s insurance policy which means if someone becomes injured while they’re visiting you, this part of your policy will pay their medical bills for any injuries they sustain and lost wages due to time off work while they are recuperating from their injuries. This is an important policy to have so that if the person decides to sue you, you are covered.

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3 Benefits of Supplementing the RV Insurance When You Rent a Motorhome

Normally when you rent an RV you have the option to purchase additional insurance over and above what is already included in your rental package. Choosing to purchase additional insurance is actually a good idea for several reasons. Whether you choose to purchase it from the rental company or from your own insurance company, it’s worth looking into. The agents of  The Wurzel Agency serve residents living in the Oviedo, FL area and have answers to many of your questions. 

Added Layer of Protection

Buying additional RV insurance when you rent a motorhome for your vacation will provide you with an added layer of protection if you are involved in an accident or someone is injured while visiting you. The insurance you purchase from the rental company normally only covers the motorhome and any damage it may receive while it’s in your possession. Extra insurance will add liability coverage as well.

Covers Your Personal Belongings

Buying additional insurance will also provide coverage for your personal belongings. This is especially beneficial if you have expensive cameras or other equipment you bring with you while you are on vacation. While it’s important to always keep your RV locked, accidents do happen and sometimes items are stolen. Having additional protection will make sure you are adequately covered.

Relax and Enjoy Your Trip!

Knowing you have sufficient insurance coverage will allow you to relax and enjoy your trip. The last thing you need is to worry about whether or not you have sufficient insurance coverage.

The agents at The Wurzel Agency serve residents who live in or near the Oviedo, FL area. When you have questions about RV insurance, call and schedule an appointment. They have the answers you are looking for and will make sure you are adequately covered!

Things to Keep in Mind When Buying a Car

Buying a new car is an exciting time — but it can also be stressful. After all, you’re trying to get the best deal while also deciding on the make, model and features you need. It’s a big decision! 

Here at The Wurzel Insurance Agency, we can’t really help you become a master negotiator when it comes to buying a car. But we can give you some things to consider when you’re looking around the lot — and when you’re trying to answer the age-old question: New, or used? 

New cars

Ah, that new-car smell. It’s a bit of a cliché, but it’s one of the things people love most about climbing into a brand-new car. And while they make air fresheners that supposedly give you that same smell for your used car, it just doesn’t seem the same, does it? Still, there are other benefits to buying new — and, of course, there are drawbacks as well.

  • PRO — maintenance: Some manufacturers offer free scheduled maintenance for a set period of time after you buy the car, and you likely won’t need a new battery, tires, etc., for several years after your purchase.
  • PRO — peace of mind: Your new car may have a warranty for up to 10 years, and also is covered by “lemon laws” that could allow for a replacement or refund if the car has serious defects.
  • CON — cost: Depending on the make and model, buying a new car is almost always more expensive (at least in terms of the purchase price) than a used car.

It’s also worth noting that if you purchase a new car in its first model year (meaning it’s a new model for the automaker), there won’t be many user reviews available, and data on reliability and repairs will be limited. In addition, sometimes newly introduced cars have some kinks that generally are ironed out by the second and third model years. These aren’t necessarily serious issues, and the warranty should cover them, but in some instances, you and your car could be headed to the shop more than you’d like.

Used cars

Don’t care about the new-car smell? Looking to save some money on your purchase? Well, a used car might be right for you. There are many advantages to buying used, but you’ll want to be a little more careful. After all, it’s hard to know exactly how well the previous owner treated the car. But you can limit your risk with a little bit of work.

  • PRO — cost: New cars depreciate quickly after they’re purchased. By buying used, you’re letting someone else take that financial hit over the first few years of the life of the car.
  • PRO/CON — reliability: Buying a used car is less of a gamble than it used to be, particularly with the advent of “certified pre-owned” programs many automakers now offer. However, used cars generally don’t carry the same warranties as new cars, even though the original manufacturer’s warranty is usually transferrable to a second owner.
  • CON — maintenance: While a used car theoretically shouldn’t need more frequent maintenance than a new car, you’ll likely need to replace things like tires, headlights, etc., earlier. And scheduled maintenance probably isn’t covered by the automaker. 
  • PRO/CON — history: You’ll need to check the car’s title history to make sure it hasn’t been in a serious accident or salvaged. Ask the dealership to provide this information, usually from Carfax.

Of course, whichever car you purchase, the important thing is that it’s a good fit for you. Bear in mind that certain makes and models can result in higher insurance costs for you, so feel free to check in with us before you buy. 

Have fun shopping — and we’ll see you on the road!

5 Tips for Motorcycle Driving Safety

Oviedo FL has the perfect weather for motorcycle riding. However, there is danger lurking on the streets if you don’t use caution when riding your motorcycle. At The Wurzel Agency, we have put together five tips that will help keep you safe on the Oviedo, FL streets and highways. 

1. Drive Defensively

As a motorcycle rider, you’re exposed and vulnerable to other drivers. Sometimes they can’t see you and you always have to keep this in mind. In fact, almost two-thirds of motorcycle accidents occur because a driver violated the right of way, typically by not noticing the motorcyclist. 

2. Wear a Helmet and Other Gear

Even if you’re running to the corner store for a loaf of bread, put your helmet on along with a face shield or protective eyewear. This will help prevent injuries to the face and head if an accident were to occur. Also, wear protective riding gear that will minimize injuries to other areas of your body. 

3. Drive Sober

The last thing you want is to ride your motorcycle impaired. This could be from medication, alcohol, or recreational drugs. The chances of causing severe harm to yourself or others by riding impaired go up exponentially when not riding at peak performance. This includes feeling sleepy. 

4. Follow Traffic Rules

Traffic rules are put in place for a reason. When they’re followed, this results in fewer accidents. Always do the speed limit and recognize that traffic laws change from state-to-state so it’s important to educate yourself before going on a road trip. 

5. Stay up to Date on Riding Safety

Take the time to enroll in a course or two that teaches strategies and techniques you can use to keep your ride safe and free from accidents. Contact your local DMV or community college for more information. 

To learn more about motorcycle safety tips and to purchase an insurance policy for maximum protection, contact The Wurzel Agency today. 

When is boat insurance required in Florida?

In the Oviedo, FL area, there continues to be a lot of demand to own a boat. Those that live here will be able to enjoy their boat for much of the year, which could make it a great investment. When you are shopping for your boat, you should also spend time considering your insurance requirements. There are several situations when boat insurance will be required for you. 

Insurance is Needed When Taking Out a Loan

One situation when you will need boat insurance is when you are going to take out a loan. A boat insurance policy will always be required if you take out a boat loan. When you do take out a loan, the lender will have a security interest in your boat and will want to ensure it is properly covered at all times. 

Insurance is Needed to Use Boat in Certain Areas

Additionally, you will need to have boat insurance if you intend to use your boat in certain areas. Depending on where you use the boat, a local marina could require that you carry a full insurance policy. This helps to ensure that you could pay for any damages that you cause, which protects all other boat owners in the area. 

There are a lot of times when it would be a good idea for you to carry boat insurance. It is important that you carefully assess your needs and make sure that you always have the appropriate coverage that meets your needs. As you are shopping for this insurance in the Oviedo, FL area, you should call The Wurzel Agency. The team at The Wurzel Agency knows how important this form of insurance is. They can then help you understand your requirements and help you build a quality policy. 

Think Renter’s Insurance Is Only for Your Stuff? Think Again!

Clients often think they don’t need renter’s insurance — “Nothing I have is worth that much,” they’ll say, or “I don’t have a lot of stuff.”

That’s how most people think of renter’s coverage: protection for stuff, and nothing more. After all, it’s inexpensive, and it doesn’t even cover the structure itself. So how important can it be, especially if you don’t think you have anything valuable to protect?

Plenty important, because you have more to protect than you realize. Here are three key financial protections a renter’s policy provides:

Loss of use coverage. What would you do if a fire or other issue forced you out of your home? You’d have to find a temporary place to stay, maybe even for months — which might cost you more than your normal rent. “Loss of use” coverage helps pay for that and other additional expenses.

Personal liability protection. If someone trips and injures themselves in your unit, they could sue you. If your dog bites one of your guests, they might file suit, too. Yes, lawsuits happen — even among friends. Renters insurance can help cover legal expenses and even judgments against you. (Some dog breeds may disqualify you from coverage, so be sure to inform your agent of all dogs in the household.)

Personal property coverage. Wait, doesn’t this mean your stuff? Well, yes. But really, this coverage protects your finances. Even if you don’t think you have anything valuable, take a minute and mentally add up everything you own (note that if you do have any high-value items, such as jewelry or heirlooms, you may need additional coverage). Now imagine how much it would cost to replace it all. It’s probably a higher number than you thought — and that’s why renters insurance is so important.

Reposted with permission from the original author, Safeco Insurance®.

Does My Condo Insurance Cover Slip and Fall Liability?

Condo owners who live in Oviedo, FL often have questions about their liability coverage, especially when it comes to slip and fall accidents. The Wurzel Agency offers condo insurance that includes various types of liability coverage. Each agent is well-versed in each type of insurance coverage they offer and can answer your questions about where your liability begins and where it ends in relation to the rest of the property.

Know Your Boundaries

A condo is owned by the resident but is often attached to a larger property. This means that there are boundaries on the exterior of the property that separates your property from that of the complex. It’s essential that you know where these boundaries are in case a slip and fall accident occurs. If the accident occurs within the boundary, then you will be responsible for the injured party’s medical bills. If the accident occurred outside of that boundary, then the obligation of care falls on the owner of the property.

General Liability

Condo insurance includes general liability that will cover a variety of accidents that may occur inside your home. This includes slip and fall accidents as well as many other types of injuries. Your agent can go over what general liability means and what it covers in terms of your condo policy.

At The Wurzel Agency, each agent is dedicated to providing the residents of Oviedo, FL the best possible service when it comes to meeting all of their insurance needs. Schedule an appointment with one of the agents today so that you can find out what type of liability coverage you have for your condo. Don’t take chances! Know what your policy includes!

5 Tips to Help Prevent Tree Trouble

Trees are pretty amazing. They produce oxygen. They serve as natural air conditioners, both by blocking sunlight and through evaporation. And they even absorb sounds, helping to keep things peaceful.

These benefits, along with countless others, are great reasons to keep the trees on property in good shape. Looking for another? Unhealthy trees can actually pose great danger to your home and property, as well as to your family and other people.

With these tips from the National Arbor Day Foundation, you can help prevent tree trouble – and potentially save yourself from a home insurance claim:

  1. Inspect trees frequently. The size, color and condition of leaves, and overall leaf cover, are good indicators of a tree’s health. Cavities or disfiguration can be a warning sign, although they don’t always mean a tree is a hazard. Just keep a close eye on it. Dead branches are a big risk, because they can fall easily. Those that cross or rub can create weak spots. 
  2. Plant in an appropriate space. Putting in a tree that will grow to be large? Don’t put it near power or sewer lines, or close to your home. Avoid planting brittle trees – their limbs are weak and more likely to break and fall. Examples include Silver Maples and Willows.
  3. Prune correctly. Cut outside the branch collar, and prune regularly as trees age. Don’t allow a tree to be topped.
  4. Leave it to an expert. Once a year, have a qualified arborist thoroughly evaluate the trees on your property. An arborist can identify ones that need to come down immediately, as well as those to watch. In particular, trees that have been topped, or that have lost large limbs unexpectedly, could cause trouble. Taking down trees can be very dangerous, so leave it to a professional.
  5. Remember, you’re responsible. Property owners are generally responsible when their hazardous trees cause damage or injury to others. So keep your trees healthy, your space beautiful and your liability low!

When a tree does fall, you may or may not have coverage through your homeowner’s policy for any damage it may cause. If you’d like to discuss your coverage, please give us a call today. It may be a good time to think about adding extra liability coverage to your insurance portfolio with an umbrella policy.

Enjoy More Peace of Mind With an Umbrella Insurance Policy

Having good insurance matters, especially when it comes to making sure protection levels are adequate. You want to know that the coverage you have is thorough, and that it’s the right type and level of coverage for your needs. If you’re in the Oviedo, FL area and you’re looking for umbrella insurance coverage, we can help at The Wurzel Agency. Our agents are committed to finding you the right policy for your needs, so you can have peace of mind and know that the things you value are properly protected. We’re here to help you, and will be happy to answer your questions, as well.

Umbrella policies are designed to cover any claims made that exceed the limits of the policies you have in specific areas of life. That’s just like an umbrella covering you from the rain, and making sure you have an additional layer of protection beyond your coat or hat. In the same way, umbrella policies for insurance coverage give additional protective layers to your policy limits. You’ll not only have more peace of mind, but you’ll have more security and can feel better about taking care of the things you own. You don’t have to be wealthy to need or want this kind of coverage. It can be a great idea for anyone who wants added protection for their assets.

Reach out to us today at The Wurzel Agency, and let us answer your questions about umbrella insurance. We want all our clients in the Oviedo, FL agency to have the policies they need for safety and security. You can be one of them when you come to talk to our knowledgeable agents about the help and support you’re looking for to protect your possessions. There’s no reason to feel like you need more coverage when you can get it from us and not need to worry anymore.