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“Robert is an absolute gift to the insurance industry! His deep knowledge coupled with his integrity and responsiveness is a refreshing change to dealing with most insurance agents. He is consistent and reliable and his excellent work is shown by the satisfaction of his customers and his employees.”

– Melissa W.

“A friend recommended The Wurzel Agency to us after we decided that the preferred insurance company of our builder wasn't going to give us the best rate or the coverage we needed. The builder’s policy was only covering the home and not my stuff or liability. The process of getting our insurance set up was quick and easy and we were able to get better coverage for far less cost than we were quoted by our builder. Robert has helped us a few different times after we closed on the home with questions that we had regarding rebates for a home security system and other coverage questions. He was knowledgeable enough to answer all of my many questions without skipping a beat and gave recommendations based of what he personally has in coverage on his own home. Overall we're very happy with our decision and will consider using him for other types of insurance in the future.“

– Jon R.

“Very glad I was referred to this agency for home insurance years ago by Dave Ramsey. staff is always friendly and helpful, but recently the owner of the agency personally called me to let me know that he had a new quote to insure my home with another company for a better price than what my current company was offering. saved me over 400 yr. so glad he called because i was getting ready to pay the old company. this is the kind of top notch service Dave talks about, and this agency really delivers. sending him my car insurance with the gekko to look at now.”

– J. Williams.

“I've had my home insurance with this agency for a number of years, and have never filed a claim prior to this year. Before Hurricane Irma hit, the owner sent me an email with my policy information and let me know what to do in the event my home was damaged. After I saw all the damage, I called the insurance company immediately to get someone out here to inspect. Everything went well, but what amazed me is that Mr. Wurzel continued to follow up with me every month and answer all the questions I had. He was patient, kind, and extremely knowledgeable. Very happy to have him on my side during this whole ordeal.”

– Mason S.

“I needed to compare multiple companies, Wurzel Agency did this for me and is happy to answer any questions I might have. A few years ago I had to make a claim, they handled all the details and paperwork for me, all I had to do was schedule the repair and sign the paperwork. It was fantastic. They are always looking for ways to save me money, when the time comes for renewal on any of my policies they let me know if there is any way to save me money. They are also able to explain what the differences are between policies. They work very hard for me and are always there when I need them whether it is for a claim or a question. I give them the highest recommendation.”

– Ethan Brown

“My experience with this agency goes back about 9 years. Robert and the other insurance agents are all very wonderful. They are all very willing to help and be hands on when Robert can't work with me immediately. They go out of their way to make me feel very important. They do their very best to find me the best rates and discounts that best apply to my current situation. When I had my accident two years ago, I did see a rate increase in my policy but Robert and his team did their absolute best in finding a different company so that my monthly payment wasn't so harsh. I was also able to get my mom one of the best rates through them, a full coverage policy for her car, with a pretty big discount for paying the 6 months in full.”

– Aiden Miller

“When I got to this office I was expecting to be very bored but the agent made things a little more interesting and tolerable she was very nice and professional and got to the point. It was easy working with her because she explained everything in a very well organized manner. The agent also went over the rates to help me get a better understanding of what I’ll be paying for. She was honest with prices and went over a couple of plans that she thought would work best for me. Ultimately I would go visit her again if I need any more assistance. She was very kind and helpful and it was really easy working with her on my car insurance.”

– Robin B.

“My insurance agent and staff are very courteous, helpful, attentive to my needs and have helped me resolve past issues in a very prompt, efficient and proactive manner. They are a small office consisting of the agent and 2 staff members. I've been with this agent for about 3 years and I am a very satisfied customer. Since being their customer my insurance rates have been raised, but they are always able to help me find an option to stay within my budget. I refer family and friends if asked for my opinion on insurance issues. I have no plans of leaving this agent.”

– Jessica H.

“Had the best experience talking with Robert. I gave him all of my info to get me a quote and when called back he said that the current rate I was paying was best. So even though he didn't write me an insurance policy he still spent the next 20 minutes or so educating me on the different options of insurance and what they mean. Who does that? Someone who cares and are passionate about what they do. We need more people that have that kind of philosophy. Even though he didn't get a policy for me today, if I can get a better rate anytime in the future, he will be the one I call.”

– Fred Vinson

“Robert took the time to evaluate a competitors policy and advised my client to take the competitors policy as he was unable to match it. Unfortunately his company didn’t work with that vendor and he therefore informed my client that the other deal was an excellent deal. That kind of honesty does not exist very much these days and I really appreciated the way he handled it. My client wanted to use Robert simply because of his honest approach, but it made more financial sense for him to go with the other company. Robert made me look really good in the eyes of my client. I can’t tell you how happy I was with his professionalism…I’ll be sending him all of my referrals.”

– Mark Henderson

“I have known Robert for many years and can attest that he is knowledgeable of the insurance industry, hardworking, and most importantly a man of honesty and integrity. Robert strives to find appropriate solutions to meet his client’s insurance needs. He works to ensure his clients feel confident they are making accurate and informed choices when it comes to their insurance and financial planning decisions. As both a friend and a former client, I would strongly recommend the Wurzel Insurance Agency to anyone for their insurance needs.”

– J Davis

“Robert is an absolute gift to the insurance industry! His deep knowledge coupled with his integrity and responsiveness is a refreshing change to dealing with most insurance agents. He is consistent and reliable and his excellent work is shown by the satisfaction of his customers and his employees.”

–Melissa W.

“Robert is very easy to work with and knowledgeable with all areas of insurance. He holds true with his commitments and strives to do his very best possible. I enjoy working with him and look forward to our continued growth and success.”

–Tish Faulkner

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